Financial Education Pillar

We believe in the "an educated investor makes for a successful investor" philosophy.

At our firm we believe it's important for our clients to understand what they own and why. The financial educative process is key to how we operate. Through our portfolio reviews and client meetings you are encouraged to ask questions and seek understanding of your investment holdings.

Broadening Your Understanding

The educative experience between Karel Capital and the client is fundamental to our practice. Our experience in investing, which has been honed over decades is exemplified by two of our favorite books. The first one is the classic 'Security Analysis' by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd.

Security Analysis takes you deeply into the heart of fundamental evaluations of securities. This includes the basics of corporate finance such as balance sheets, income statements, earnings, dividends, and pertenant financial ratios that are utilized in determining whether to invest or not.

Another favorite is Gerald Loebs 'The Battle For Investment Survival.'  This book gives you an understanding of strategic positioning of equities.

And, for those interested in an excellent Wall Street primer, we recommend The Wall Street Journals ‘Guide to Understanding Money and Investing.’

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