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Our goal is dependable performance with minimal risk.

Emphasizing a conservative approach to portfolio management.

Karel Capital, Inc. structures long term oriented portfolios that include high quality growth/income companies, investment grade bonds and strategic cash management strategies.

This conservative management seeks first to preserve capital and second to enhance the return on investment. In essence, the advisor believes that over the long-run a conservatively positioned portfolio, both in stocks and bonds, will meet the client's financial objectives more than an aggressive or trading oriented portfolio.

Additionally, for appropriate portfolios, growth companies, including such sectors as biotechnology, electronic technologies, alternative energy, telecommunications and information enterprise companies are included in portfolio investments. The asset weighting in accounts is individually determined based on the client's financial needs, goals, and risk parameters.

It is the primary goal of Karel Capital, Inc. to develop and manage portfolios that provide the client dependable investment performance while keeping investment risk to a minimum. All accounts are maintained and segregated in the client's name only and are handled on a discretionary basis. Throughout the relationship between Karel Capital, Inc. and the client, clients are kept apprised of their portfolio's performance via bank statements, brokerage reports, and quarterly statements from the Advisor.

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