It’s simple! Our success is all about our clients’ success. We have worked clients of various sizes across a range of sectors. Below, we highlight a selection of our latest projects.

"It has been invaluable working with Andy in both of my companies over the past couple of years. He combines the 'been there, done that' leadership experience of a senior operator, along with well-honed coaching and consulting skills to deliver valuable ideas and insights. His one-on-one coaching has helped me grow as a leader and confront some difficult decisions. In addition to the coaching, his consulting services have accelerated my post-merger onboarding and integration processes in a complex new role. I am delighted to have had him as a guide during these times."

EVP, Head of Enterprise Analytics at Key Bank
Founder and Managing Partner, AQN Strategies

"Andy conducted an innovative consulting project with us that generated actionable insights. We particularly appreciated his ability to see both the big and small pictures and provide us on point and incisive feedback along the way. His blend of consulting skills and real world expertise is invaluable."

Co-founder and Managing Partner,
Quona Capital

"Andy Cohen has been an invaluable source of advice and counsel as I build the team at XHI. His sense of organizational dynamics and the way he provides insights through coaching has led me to sort through some big, challenging leadership decisions. I am delighted to have him on my board of advisors."

Founder and Chairman, XTreme Habitats Institute
Managing Director, Space Partnerships International